Local Schools need us all

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When we said our son would go to our local school, people were horrified. Bad reputation, poor teaching.

I began volunteering there ( was working p/t) then became a governor for five years. New head, new staff, new governors, hard work. My husband became a governor. I went back to being a parent again!

Our son (now in year 4) has thrived there - he started in the nursery the week after is third birthday. He has mates from all backgrounds and fits happily into the neighbourhood we live in.

A school that was failing is now solidly "good with outstanding features" yet still the old reputation lingers. When a friend said she wasn't happy with her son's school I suggested ours. Straightaway she said "No I taught there 15 years agao, I know what it's like". When I replied that it was the same school & had changed she didn't really believe me until I talked about the chess club, the brass band, the Lego club, dance club, the choir that sings in the cathedral..... I could go on! Also pointed out how happy our son is and I wouldn't let him go to a school where he was miserable.

Yes it has taken time & energy but knowing a school can turn round is good news not only for us but for all the families in the area.
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