There has never been a more urgent need to debate admissions

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The report of the Chief Schools Adjudicator today is yet another reminder of the need for a root and branch review of school admissions. In the past few years the Adjudicator's office has flagged up parental cheating, the way some schools play the system, the need for academies to undergo the sameĀ  scrutiny as maintained schools when it comes to the pupils they admit, and today he exposes the practices of some faith schools whose point based admissions systems are both mystifying and discriminatory.

Meanwhile the Local Government Association is proposing that every school should be its own admissions authority and the Coalition Government wants to slim down the admissions code. Michael Gove has even hinted that he might light to bring back academic selection.

On Wednesday evening (November 3)at 7:00 pm, we will be discussing this subject at the House of Commons at the annual meeting of Comprehensive Future. Our title Will there be fair admissions in the new education landscape?

All the founders of the Local Schools Network will be there and other speakers include Paul Pettinger, Coordinator of the Accord Coalition, which campaigns on discrimination issues and faith schools, and Nicola Smith of Barnado's, author of Unlocking the gates:Giving disadvantaged children a fairer deal in school admissions

Do join us in Committee Room 15 House of Commons, SW1A 0AA. We want to take our campaign for fair admissions to all schools to the widest possible audience in the months to come.
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