How the other half is educated: a video tour of Wellington College

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Wellington College's grounds are overwhelming; absolutely massive. Going there makes you realise that life there is far removed from the realities of much of Britain -- but this is true of many private schools. I guess this is there USP: they are very definitely making a virtue of the fact that they are segregated from the rest of the community.
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Tue, 28/06/2011 - 08:12

LSN readers might be interested to know that I have based part of my discussion of modern private schools - in my forthcoming book on the the state of education in this country - on Wellington School, where I spent most of a day; interviewed Anthony Seldon, its Master; many of the staff, and was taken on a tour by a very helpful student. My visit there was an eye opener. I left feeling deeply uncomfortable at the gap in education provision between the so called 'best' and 'worst' schools in this country and the means by which the elite plan to 'help' the less fortunate.

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