Our response to the DfE on the proposed free school in Stoke by Nayland

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COMPASS-Suffolk is a campaign group of parents and teachers concerned about a proposed high school in Stoke by Nayland (subject of other posts on this site). We have now submitted our own report to the DfE about the proposed new 11-16 school in Stoke by Nayland. It was hand-delivered to the DfE along with our petition opposing the school, which at the time of submission had 1092 signatures.

Our report is set out as far as possible in the same structure as that required by DfE for business cases for free school proposals. Unfortunately Stoke by Nayland High School Trust (SbNHS Trust) have not published their business case, nor will they at this point reveal the evidence of demand for their proposed school, so we have only been able to talk in general terms in some sections.

The report does outline our concerns about the process followed by the SbNHS Trust - in particular the way in which they have gathered evidence of demand and the statements made about what the new school would offer. We have also added a section about the effect a new school would have on existing provision particularly on Great Cornard Upper School.

According to 2010 Dept of Communities and Local Govt data, the ranking for education skills and training (one of the 7 domains in the Index of Multiple Deprivation) in the area designated Great Cornard South is 3002 (1 is the worst), but all the local villages the SbNHS Trust are targeting for potential pupils rank over 19,000 (in fact the ranking for Stoke by Nayland itself is 26,662). Doesn't appear to be in line with the intention that Free Schools will help narrow the attainment gap!

Our report is available on our website here
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Thu, 04/08/2011 - 09:41

Emma - the link on your website to the report doesn't seem to be working.

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Thu, 04/08/2011 - 14:11

Well done on the COMPASS report, Emma. I hope the DfE take notice. With SVCS already struggling to attract a decent roll for September, the last thing Suffolk needs is another white elephant of a school that wastes more millions.

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Thu, 04/08/2011 - 20:55

hello my apologies, the link at the bottom right of our website is now working properly (website guru on holiday!) thanks for noting. direct link to document here: http://compass-suffolk.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/CompassDfEresponse-July11-FINAL1.pdf Emma

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