COMPASS' response to the proposal for a free school in Stoke by Nayland

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COMPASS (a campaign group of parents and teachers in the catchment for Great Cornard Upper School in Suffolk) has now submitted a report to the DfE outlining our response to the proposal for a free 11-16 school in Stoke by Nayland. The bid for a free school in Stoke by Nayland is one of four secondary school proposals in Suffolk put forward by the Seckford Foundation - all of which are for new schools on the sites of middle schools which are due to close as part of the Schools Organisation Review here.

The COMPASS report outlines our concerns about the proposal itself, and about the impact we believe it would have on education in our area. We have requested a meeting with DfE to discuss our concerns at more length.

The report is available here CompassDfEResponse March 2012
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Mon, 19/03/2012 - 10:01

Emma - the COMPASS response is well-argued and points out the flaws in the Seckford Foundation's proposal to establish a free school for secondary pupils. The curriculum offered is narrow and would not fully prepare pupils for further education or employment. ICT, for example, is optional at all stages, and the proposed free school's website shows the same ignorance about how many subjects comprise EBac as the consultations for Saxmundham and Beccles free schools. Personal, Social and Health education is not mentioned, neither is there any reference to careers.

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Mon, 19/03/2012 - 14:20

The DfE guidance to free school proposers hoping to open schools in 2013 asks proposers to "show how you will use support the learning and achievement of pupils of varying abilities and needs" (pae 17). The Stoke by Nayland free school's proposed curriculum says that ICT will be optional at all stages. It's difficult to see how the DfE could pass an application which ignores one of its criteria.

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