C of E Voluntary Aided Status successfully opposed

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On 23 October I posted on this site information about a proposal to change the status of a popular community primary school in Lowestoft to C of E voluntary aided status, which I objected to as I believe the Church of England does not have a valid place in the running of state schools.

As a result of this, many helpful comments were posted by other members. I used some of these in 2 letters that I was successful in having published in the local newspaper and in my own written objection as part of the public consultation.

I am both surprised and delighted to have just received a letter from Suffolk County Council which advises that, as it felt that no demand from the community for voluntary aided school places had been demonstrated, it has refused the proposal. Although I can't prove it, I suspect that by publicising this issue to the local community via my letters in the press, a sufficient number of objections was received by Suffolk County Council to make them think again.

I should like to thank your members who took the time to comment on this case, and I hope this success will encourage others to fight proposals that they believe are not in the interest of our education system.
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