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This is a free + interactive eCourse covering the content of the Politics in Education Summit. With 5 emails over 5 days we’ll learn how to recast our Government as a lever we can learn to understand and use effectively, rather than the provider of a service we critique.

 You see I THOUGHT I’d done great work on this Summit:

Advertised and Attended >TICK
Wrote and Shared the Official Summaries >TICK
​Hoped that was enough >Nope!

Having the content and making it available is (sad face) no longer enough. Many who I’d like to reach are so busy with their lives and jobs. Plus, those who did read my summaries (and wrote to say they’re “excellent”) found that was the end of the conversation.

I’d failed to create anything meaningful and time was ticking. TickTick:

The UK Education Select Committee’s call for evidence on the ‘Purpose of Education’ closes SOON and this Summit material (that sparked the enquiry!) had reached hardly anyone

…and no one was coming to tell me what to do.

> In this state of panic the idea to create a Free eCourse was born <

 The course starts THIS THURSDAY and if you register by tomorrow (Wednesday) you’ll also hear about an exciting (and big!) Live Twitter Event I’m hosting to launch this course – heard of #UKedChat?

Now word’s out and teachers, parents and students are registering, I’m beginning to wind down my own ‘spreading the word’ to focus on delivering a great free course to the amazing group of attendees. Don’t forget to secure your spot >

Any questions from Local School Network members, just pop them in the comments and I'll be around write back. 

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