LSN Christmas Quiz 2017

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Test your knowledge of education events discussed on this site in 2017.  One point for each answer (they’re at the bottom – don’t cheat) and a bonus of five for getting all ten correct.

1         Who did Teach First accuse of Thought Crime before removing a blog he’d written on Teach First’s website?

2         Which playwright from 5th century BC Athens invented two characters arguing about the relative merits of traditional and progressive education?

3         What was the name of the comprehensive school pioneer who died in June aged 100?

4         What policy proposed by Theresa May shortly after becoming PM was described as ‘an unnecessary distraction’ by the head of the Education Select Committee in February?

5         Which free school founder wrote that it was ‘totally necessary’ for Michael Gove’s team to have used ‘fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency’ to push through Gove’s policies?

6         Who’s in charge at the Department for Education (DfE)?

7         What belated information was published by the DfE in September following a long-drawn-out campaign by Schools Week and this site?

8         Whose remarks about phonics  were contradicted by the DfE?

9         Which Gove-praised primary school, a flagship for the Core Knowledge UK curriculum,  was put in special measures in October?

10     According the LSN founder Henry Stewart, what equals successful schools?



1         Toby Young, founder of West London Free School and now director of the New Schools Network. 

2         Aristophanes in his play The Clouds.  

3         Kathleen Mitchell

4         Opening new grammar schools

5         Mark Lehain, found of Bedford Free School and now director of the pressure group Parents and Teachers for Excellence (or should that be Extermination, as in the crushing of any ideology PTE doesn’t promote?)

6         Nominally it’s Justine Greening, the Secretary of State.  But that might not necessarily be the case

7         Fees paid to academy trusts when taking over another academy (a process known as rebrokerage). 

8         Schools minister Nick Gibb.  

9         Cuckoo Hall

10     Happy schools

Happy Christmas to all our readers.

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