Two notorious trusts, Bright Tribe and Perry Beeches, still on academy sponsor list

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Bright Tribe Trust and Perry Beeches The Academy Trust are both still listed on the Department for Education’s approved academy sponsor list updated yesterday.

Bright Tribe was the subject of a Panorama exposé last September.  One year before, Bright Tribe and a connected trust Adventure Learning Academies Trust (ALAT) were both the subject of a financial management and governance review by the Education Funding Agency (now ESFA).   ALAT no longer appears on ESFA’s list but Bright Tribe remains.

Perry Beeches The Academy Trust has been stripped of all its academies after Liam Nolan, Perry Beeches head, was mired in scandal.  But the trust is still listed as an approved academy sponsor.

The SchoolsCompany Trust, which still appeared on the academy sponsor list in September despite its shortcomings, has now been removed.

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