‘Satire is dead’ as Gove heads unit to debunk Brexit ‘myths’

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‘Truly, satire is dead,’ tweeted Warwick Mansell on hearing Michael Gove was to launch a ‘rapid rebuttal unit’ to fight media ‘half-truths’ about Brexit.

Although the Sunday Telegraph says the unit will ‘run by civil servants in the Cabinet Office and will ensure that "the public and businesses are not being alarmed by scare stories and falsehoods”’, the LibDem’s Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake says it will be ‘nothing more than a spin machine’. 

Brake is right to be concerned.  Gove’s relationship with half-truths has been documented for years including on this site and by Warwick Mansell.    But Gove and his consigliere Dominic Cummings (Del Boy and Rodney but without the humour or the humanity) ran a dysfunctional education department underpinned by misrepresentation, mischievous briefings and myths suggesting English the education system was broken.

Who better to oversee the new Ministry of Truth?

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Thu, 15/08/2019 - 09:53

"Who better to oversee the new Ministry of Truth?"

Blair, Brown, May, Major, Clegg: no end to possible suggestions.

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