More cold water thrown at PM’s claim of £14b extra education funding in England

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The Prime Minister’s claim that £14bn extra will be spent on education in England between now and 2022/23 has been doused with cold water by the fact-checking organisation, Full Fact.

The PM repeated this claim in the latest Facebook episode of People’s PMQs – the choreographed address to the nation lampooned by Private Eye*.

Full Fact’s Facebook page said the PM’s £14bn figure was ‘unhelpful’ and linked to an earlier Full Fact analysis which found the £14bn figure can only be reached by adding up ‘the extra money spent on education in each year to 2022/23 compared to 2019/20’.   It also doesn’t factor in inflation.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) described the £14bn figure as ‘somewhere between meaningless and misleading’.    An earlier IFS finding said school spending per pupil in England had fallen by 8% in real-terms since 2009/10.  Any increase should be seen against this reduction.

Analysis by IFS and Full Fact confirms that ‘cash bombing’ education in England isn’t as generous as it appears.

Other claims in the PM’s address – NHS funding; wage growth and how much it costs to stay in the EU – are also debunked on Full Fact’s Facebook page.


*Private Eye 1504 6-19 September 2019.  The spoof script describes the use of carefully-selected questions thus:   Anyway, it’s question time and I know you’re all gagging to surprise me with some utterly unexpected zingers, so fire away…(SQUINTS AT IPAD)…’   A section of the parody is here.

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