Company linked to notorious SchoolsCompany names stripped academies on website

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The notorious SchoolsCompany Trust was stripped of its academies in 2018 after the discovery of serious failings at three alternative provision schools in Devon.

The Trust’s CEO, Elias Achilleos, paid between £105k and £110k plus pension contributions in the 2016/17 academic year, resigned in May 2018.  But he still remains CEO of a related company, SchoolsCompany Limited described on its website as ‘a dynamic and visionary educational consultancy’.   

SchoolsCompany Limited says it has ‘a long successful track record in Alternative Provision and Special Schools’.  It’s unlikely the interim board of trustees which took over SchoolsCompany Trust would agree with this.   When the interim board visited the trust’s Torridge Academy, they were so concerned about health and safety and safeguarding they immediately closed it.

The company’s website lists four special schools which it claims it runs.  These, the website says, are sponsored by SchoolsCompany Trust. 

This is not true.  The three remaining alternative provision academies in Devon have been transferred to WAVE MAT.

SchoolsCompany Trust owed £5.7m to Department for Education

The trust owed £5.7m to the DfE, accounts* show.    Liability for this has been partly transferred to trusts which took over SCT academies.  WAVE MAT promised to repay £250k while The Thinking Schools Academy Trust, which took over the Goodwin Academy, Deal, accepted liability for £2.6m.  The remaining £3m has been written off.


*Year ending 31 August 2018 available from Companies House


UPDATE 4 February 08.37:  The SchoolsCompany website described above has expired.  It is no longer available.


CORRECTION 15.22  Headline changed to avoid tongue-twister 'lists its stripped...'

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