Real terms per-pupil funding 1% lower than in 2010/11 when pension grant excluded

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Real terms per-pupil funding in 2020-21 ‘would be 1.0% lower than in 2010-11’ if the teachers' pension employer contribution grant* is excluded from the figures, experimental statistics from the Department for Education have revealed.

If the funding for the additional teacher pension costs is included, then

Per-pupil funding for 5-16 year olds in English schools will be 2.1% higher in real terms in 2020-21… than in 2010-11.’

The statistics don’t include funding for sixth-forms or further education colleges in England.  Per-student funding in this sector has faced a ‘severe squeeze’, the Nuffield Foundation found in Autumn 2018.

Despite the omission of post16 funding and the admission that per-pupil real terms funding in England will be 1% lower next year than ten years ago, it’s likely the government will use the 2.1% figure in its PR about school funding in England.


Schools Week has covered this story.  It says funding is even worse than I’ve stated above. 


*The teachers' pension employer contribution grant is to cover the cost to schools of increased employer contributions to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme from September 2019 to March 2020.  The DfE says it will continue funding this from March 2020 ‘through to 2022 to 2023’.  It’s not known whether the grant will continue after this date.

CORRECTION: 'per-pupil real terms funding in England will be 1% next year than ten years ago' has been changed to 'per-pupil real terms funding in England will be 1% lower next year than ten years ago'.  Also grammatical error in first paragraph.  Apologies.  

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