Education secretary deaf to irony when defending free speech in unis

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The education secretary Gavin Williamson rightly defends freedom of speech on university campuses in a press release today. 

But it appears he is deaf to the irony of his pronouncement. 

A Mirror journalist was banned from the Tory battle bus during the election.  Ministers are boycotting the Today programme.  The PM is accused of avoiding scrutiny by appearing in TV debates during the election and on Newsnight. This week, lobby journalists walked out of a briefing when some of their colleagues were denied entry. 

Let’s hope that Williamson will be as outspoken about the government’s attempts to silence those who disagree with it as he is about attempts to silence free speech in universities.

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Mon, 10/02/2020 - 10:46

But on a pleasant note, it is hilarious having BBC/Channel 4 'interviewers' suddenly exhibiting a teensy bit of skepticism of all the things these propaganda outlets have been so blatantly supporting for years. It's like the vague possibility of not being able to ponce off taxpayers has made them afraid they might have to look for jobs and actually work for a living. One feels their pain.

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