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30.10.15 by

Hi all

I wonder if anyone had any advice on a legal firm which might be retained by a Foundation in NW England (though location of firm...

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Robert Bruce Middle School, Kempston, Bedford, is consulting on whether to become an academy. A letter to parents says the consultation runs until... Read more
It is June 2017. The Chair of Governors of Hadesmead comprehensive makes a public statement with a hard hitting critique of government policy. The... Read more
If you are new to the Cuckoo Hall story - new readers every day it seems - and want to see previous posts by Janet Downs and myself on Cuckoo Hall... Read more
Prevention of Terrorism and Radicalisation is now part of Safeguarding in Schools. The Government has dictated.We are told my school is in a Top... Read more
BACKGROUND This is the latest post about Cuckoo Hall Academy Trust. The previous post is here . Criticism of Cuckoo Hall and the very particular... Read more
Background This is the fourth time I have posted about Cuckoo Hall. (note 1) That this is so draws attention to a special feature of this story. It... Read more

Cuckoo Hall Academies Trust (CHAT) breached its Funding Agreement and the Independent Schools Standards, the Education Funding Agency (EFA)...

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I live in an area where there are many schools close by. I discovered when applying for a reception place that I lived 50 yards further away from the... Read more

Serious allegations from a whistleblower about possible misuse of public money at Sawtry Community College, a Cambridgeshire academy, have been...

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25.09.14 by
For the past 8 years my son has been attending Norwich Road School in Thetford which we had always found to be excellent. When a vacancy came up on... Read more
It’s hard not to feel anger when reading Peter Clarke’s report into allegations arising from the Trojan Horse letter: heads hounded out of office;... Read more
The author of this post works in education governance and has years of experience as a Birmingham school governor. Issues arising from the 21... Read more
INTRODUCTION In my last posting here : I examined the claims from Bellevue Place Education that their new school was much in demand from local... Read more
I am a long-standing school governor in Camden, and a strong supporter of local authority-run schools with accountable governors. My career was as a... Read more
The evidence is thin. Ofsted visited 21 mainstream Birmingham schools: 15 of these were monitoring inspections, 6 were full. And although Ofsted... Read more
I am sure I am not alone in being unsure of what to think about the Birmingham “Trojan Horse “ story. I daresay we will find out more tomorrow when... Read more