Grammar schools

The launch last week of LSN’s first book The Truth About Our Schools at Goldsmiths, University of London, covered in detail here , provided a...

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Alan Gurbutt Sadly, comprehensive schools of the 1950s and 1960s never reached South Lincolnshire. I went to a “red brick” secondary modern school...

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When my daughter failed the 11 plus I weighed up her options for secondary school and found myself amazed by the stark difference in Ofsted ratings... Read more
"All the evidence blows grammar schools out the water. Kent still operates a selective system and all the evidence shows that the educational... Read more
“It is important that Opposition Members are not selective in their use of evidence when they talk about academies and free schools, because academic... Read more
TES reports that the BBC has received a formal complaint about its documentary, “The Grammar School: A Secret History”. The objectors, comprising... Read more
Two weeks ago I had lunch in my local maintained school. The food was very good, excellent even, when you consider that the kitchen prepared hundreds... Read more