Firstly, thank you to Janet for her prompt reviews of the Politics in Education Summit. See part one here : and part two here . As soon as the 90...

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Does the NCTL and DfE really value teacher training and the role played by universities? I think not. Every time I hear platitudes about...

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The Labour leadership election seems to either be in full swing, or grinding on, depending on your taste in these matters. The latest opinion polls... Read more
Schools benefit pupils. And education benefits society. It’s a public as well as a private good. It’s important, therefore, schools are accountable... Read more
Who has said, ‘I am going to lay a challenge at the door of the media, because one of the things Vic [head of Passmores Academy) said loud and clear... Read more
Five quotations – but who said them? 1‘…under the previous Labour Government one in three of our young people were leaving primary school unable to... Read more
UNESCO is quite clear: governments should require entrants to the teaching profession to have the ‘required professional knowledge and skills’. It is... Read more
If you are new to the Cuckoo Hall story - new readers every day it seems - and want to see previous posts by Janet Downs and myself on Cuckoo Hall... Read more
My careers since studying Mechanical Engineering at Cardiff have been a Project Engineer in 3 jobs over 10 years up to 1997. Then a secondary maths... Read more
Mark Rylance - Actor "Everything I hear on the streets, and from teachers and parents and students, is that teachers are not trusted and allowed to... Read more
I couldn't imagine a system designed to distrust teachers more! And it's so sad because I could see my teachers had so much more in them that whoever... Read more
In the end, perhaps, it passed with more of a whimper than a bang. Or rather, the bang was elsewhere – with the question of Tory tax evasion,... Read more
This is the third of five extracts from our book School Myths: And the Evidence That Blows Them Apart . Francis Gilbert, co-founder of the Local... Read more
I am married to a primary school teacher. Sunday's used to be family days. Now? Every Sunday has become a full workday. It began by stealth - just a... Read more
Sir Michael Wilshaw has suggested positive discrimination in favour of ethnic minority teachers to ensure that they reflect the ethnic balance of the... Read more
I’ve spent the last three Sunday nights watching Remember Me , a modern-day spooky tale set near Scarborough. I was gripped although the Telegraph... Read more
Where is the rhyme and reason in allocations for teacher training places? The latest allocations for 2015/16 have come out and the main conclusions... Read more
“We all know that teachers spend a lot of time preparing lesson plans rather than focusing on how well they deliver those lessons. This is a complete... Read more