How did English 10 year-olds perform in PIRLS?

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PIRLS 2011 showed a relative rise in the performance of English 10 year-olds in reading comprehension from 19th out of 45 participants in 2007 to 10th= in 2011. 10 year-olds from Northern Ireland did even better – they were 5th. It should be borne in mind, however, that the participants taking part in PIRLS 2011 were not the same as in 2007 – new countries joined while others dropped out.

8 December 2013


PIRLS 2016 showed the ranking of English 10 year-olds in reading comprehension from joint 10th to joint 8th.  Schools minister Nick Gibb seized on these results to claim the 'dramatic' rise since 2006 was due to policies put in place since 2010.  Astute readers will notice that Gibb omitted the 2011 results when the dramatic rise actually took place. 


6 December 2017