What are the changes to Ofsted inspections due to take place in September 2015?

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The changes announced by Ofsted on 3 February 2015 are as follows:

1 A Common Inspection Framework will cover maintained schools, academies, free schools, non-association independent schools* and further education and skills providers.

2 Short inspections every three years for maintained schools, academies and further education and skills providers which were judged Good at their last full inspection. (Author’s note: It’s unclear why Outstanding schools aren’t also subject to these short inspections. Some Outstanding schools have had no monitoring since being judged Outstanding. This is over five years ago in many cases. Ofsted said they won’t inspect Outstanding schools unless they have concerns – but high results can hide a fall in the standard of education offered or a narrowing of curriculum. Schools are not static – staff leave; heads move on; cohorts are different; curriculum, exam and test requirements change. Short inspections of previously Outstanding schools should be routine.)

3 All non-associated independent schools* will receive full inspections within three years.

*Non-association independent schools are private schools not affiliated to one of the independent school associations. Association schools are inspected by of the three approved independent inspectorates - Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), Bridge Schools Inspectorate and the Schools Inspection Service- on behalf of the Department for Education which acts as the regulator.