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That humans are differently endowed across every measurable parameter is an established fact. It is also a fact that the education world seems to... Read more
The case for reason, science, humanism and progress, by Steven Pinker Book Review by Roger Titcombe. Steven Pinker is Johnstone Family Professor in... Read more
Roger’s latest piece is another closely-reasoned critique of the ‘culture of training’ which is taking hold in English schools. The piece is clearly... Read more
This is the latest example from a BBC report of 3 August. “The very poorest children in England have fallen even further behind their non-... Read more
Mellissa Benn wrote powerfully about this in a Guardian article of 18 July 201 7: There could not be a more favourable time for the development of a... Read more
For many years the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) , which is part funded by the Department for Education, has been evaluating approaches to... Read more
At the end of last year the Local Schools Network website passed one million unique viewers, in the years since our launch. Here are our top ten... Read more
Two years ago Sir Alasdair Macdonald gave this speech at the Happy Schools conference, organised by the Guardian and my own company, Happy Ltd.... Read more
As our government zigzags on yet another approach for schools, I wonder why, unlike most countries, we can’t settle on a model and Get It Right.... Read more
In the autumn of 1973, an article by Milton Friedman appeared in the New York Times . Entitled ‘Selling Schools like Groceries’, the piece was part... Read more
The current controversy over the owners’responsibility for the collapse of the high street retailer BHS – on top of the shareholders’ revolt over the... Read more
I am a proscribed organisation. I wasn’t even aware of the fact until the recent news coverage of Schools Adjudicator Dr Elizabeth Passmore’s... Read more
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07.02.16 by Matthew Bennett
Last September, a new player entered the English education market. Floreat Education, a private limited company, opened two primary academies in... Read more
I have just read a book by Matthew Syed entitled ‘ Black Box Thinking ‘ (2015), John Murray. Despite the title, it is about, learning from mistakes... Read more
Thank you, I am delighted to be here. This book is a truly collaborative effort, a distillation of the thinking and writing of the four founders of... Read more
Version 2: Updated 24/10/15 to include provisional 2015 GCSE figures This article is a summary of many of my articles analysing the performance of... Read more
Ever since the Thatcher-Reagan love-in of the early 1980s, English education has taken its cue from developments in the US, united by a commitment to... Read more
Debate the election issues with LSN With the local and European polls out of the way, the way is clear now for 11 months of electioneering and policy... Read more