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I spent the day of the publication of the white paper interviewing applicants for the PGCE course on which I teach. These days run to a well-worked... Read More
Now when I say state schools I mean comprehensive and 6th form colleges rather than grammar schools. We're forever being told that Oxbridge and other... Read More
My son, who is 10 years old, came back home raving about the fantastic workshop he did with the Royal Shakespeare Company at his local state primary... Read More
Michael Gove claims that his reforms will remove the curriculum straightjacket. Yet at the same time he makes clear that secondary schools will now... Read More
When middle class parents elect to send their children to the local comp rather than choosing a state school further afield which is higher up the... Read More
Over the coming months I'm sure we'll find much to talk about in the White Paper, but one thing is quite clear already from the Education White Paper... Read More
How do we get better teachers? That seems to be the question at the moment. The BBC news headlines last night reported Ofsted saying that a half of... Read More
Michael Gove's interview this morning with the Today programme exposed some serious flaws in the Coalition's education policies. In particular, his... Read More
In a recent newspaper article the Sutton Trust advocates that GCSEs should be taken at 14 so that pupils get more choice and time to settle for... Read More
A group of parents in Northcote ward, one of the most affluent wards in Wandsworth are campaigning to set up a free school. They claim (with... Read More
  This article was first published on The Guardian's Comment Is Free website This week's education white paper will seriously undermine standards of... Read More
This article was first published in The Times. University training sounds like a luxury, but is actually cheaper and more effective Not many people... Read More
The latest musing from Ms Birbalsingh deserves some beating for its rubbishing of state schools. She sarcastically opines whether Prince William and... Read More
Michael Gove claimed on Andy Marr's show this morning that the pupil premium (£2.5 billion by 2014/15) is new money and, with £1.1 billion to cover... Read More
At the beginning of last week, I stood down as a governor at my local primary school after eighteen years, ten of which were spent as chair. I... Read More