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There are moves afoot to set up a new free school in Southwark. The chief complaint about existing provision is that the best schools are faith... Read More
There's a fascinating piece in the TES this week highlighting a local school in Norfolk that is offering degrees. I feel very positive about this. I... Read More
I suspect that without transparent and fair admissions' policies, the pupil premium could be deeply problematic. In the TES this week, the editor,... Read More
So it's been confirmed that there was no competitive tendering for the job of facilitating the setting up of free schools. AS this Political Notebook... Read More
There's strong evidence that the Tories are thinking of setting up more grammar schools. At a Parliamentary gathering of the great and the good, Gove... Read More
Listening to Rachel Wolf, CEO of the New Schools Network, on Radio Four's Today programme this morning, it was impossible to avoid the conclusion... Read More
Power hungry Head teachers and money hungry governors make a lethal combination when it comes to state schools. I am hoping for solidarity from... Read More
I'm very proud of my local school this morning, which my children attend. An article in the Guardian explains how Stoke Newington School is doing... Read More
There's a real worry that giving extra money for poor pupils could lead to even more fragmentation if the admissions' policies for schools remain... Read More
I think it's time we started insisting that EVERY CHILD has the best teaching possible in ALL our schools. How are we going to do this? We need to... Read More
This week's Times Education Supplement reports that almost half of private schools are suffering from falling student numbers. Whether this is due to... Read More
The latest exam statistics are another success story for local schools. The proportion getting five A*-Cs including English and maths, the key... Read More
There are definitely going to be thousands of redundancies at schools. This is because the funding for specialisms is going into a central pot for... Read More
My son used to be very anti-maths, especially when he was at his prep school a few years ago. Since joining his local state school, he's started... Read More
The claim is that school funding is being maintained. But is it for all schools? The Strategy Review (p 41) makes clear that the 0.1% increase in... Read More