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Our children go to our local school, but neither I nor my husband did (as a single parent my mother needed her children to be close to her place of... Read More
My daughter (year 5) goes to the local state primary. She loves it. I particularly like the enthusiasm of the teachers and how inspirational they are... Read More
I have been teaching in schools in London for over 15 years and am currently an Advanced Skills Teacher in History as well as a published author of... Read More
I enjoyed the benefits of state education as did my son to a lesser extent. The removal of funding from state education is unacceptable. I know that... Read More
I think the cuts plus all the privatisation and deregulation will produce chaos in a system, that already works well in my school. With regards to... Read More
Our youngest child has justed started at the local state 6th form and hopefully will escape the ravages of the education cuts to come. We live in an... Read More
I have two daughters who attend an excellent state school (Waldegrave School) a few minutes walk from the house. They chose this school though there... Read More
After almost 40 years teaching in state schools plus 14 years as a parent of a state school pupil I have seen many attempts to 'raise standards' by... Read More
Local authority comprehensive schools are the fairest and best ways of educating children. I have two sons. One went to the local comprehensive, had... Read More
02.11.10 by W Smith
Mr Gove's continued pontifications about leaving teachers to teach as long as they are going to teach a curriculum close to his heart is very hard to... Read More
I have three sons aged 9, 6 and 3 who attend an excellent state primary school. I believe we have two major, not-unrelated problems in our primary... Read More
My two oldest children have attended St Matthews Primary School in Cambridge ever since Reception year. My son moved on to the local secondary this... Read More
Carter Community School in Poole is a fantastic secondary school that is now battling for survival. I have been Headteacher at Carter for 15 months... Read More
I am a retired FE lecturer who attended the local state primary and local comprehensive before going on to university. Both my children attended the... Read More
I have been involved from day one with the schools' transformation programme and belive passionately in its core values -- despite the efforts of... Read More