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Community schools are at the heart of our neighbourhoods. It’s vitally important that they continue to be funded fairly so that all children are able... Read More
Our eldest daughter goes to our local secondary Patcham High - it doesn't have the best results in the city but it's improving all the time, has a... Read More
As a parent of three children and as a teacher I feel it is vitally important that parents (especially well educated ones) support local, state... Read More
Our school. Calder, is a fantastic comprehensive. It is the ‘local school for local families’, one of many in the area, but is likely to lose out on... Read More
My grandchildren go to various primary and secondary schools in Yorkshire and Buckinghamshire, and I live in Gloucestershire and have connections... Read More
I have a very bright child, and parents who would fund a private education, but we have refused to take her out of the state system because we want... Read More