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Having spent forty years in education as a teacher, headteacher, adviser, senior education officer and now an early years consultant I am firmly... Read More
In the year that I joined my local state comprehensive, its GCSE results were below the national average. All around me, parents were engaged in... Read More
One of the pleasures of this website is that it does have the room to examine and scrutinise things in detail. Toby Young wrote a long response to my... Read More
At 11 I passed a full scholarship for a private school 20 miles away in the centre of Liverpool. My parents, ardent trade unionists, were torn. Like... Read More
The Admissions Process for the West London Free school is currently shrouded in mystery. Let's look at what their consultation book says in some... Read More
My twin daughters are two and a half, and I'm delighted to say, there is a wonderful community primary on my doorstep. My friend's daughters went... Read More
A new report shows that the Coalition's education policy of allowing all schools to become Academies has seriously backfired. The stated aim was to... Read More
The aim of the LSN is to support and celebrate local schools. I was talking at an Academy, Barnfield South in Luton, yesterday as a guest speaker at... Read More
The Department for Education Business Plan Nov 2010 makes very depressing reading. This is the government's idea of leaving schools and teachers... Read More
Twenty one years of my teaching career were spent in two large comprehensive schools on estates in Hull, the last 9 years as a deputy head. During... Read More
The school I work in is a brilliant example of a genuine community school in a very mixed inner London area. We are under pressure to change our... Read More
Great Comprehensive Futures meeting (3/11) on fair admissions. It is clear that for admissions to be fair, they should be based on: 1) Fair banding,... Read More
Our children go to our local school, but neither I nor my husband did (as a single parent my mother needed her children to be close to her place of... Read More
My daughter (year 5) goes to the local state primary. She loves it. I particularly like the enthusiasm of the teachers and how inspirational they are... Read More