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Carter Community School in Poole is a fantastic secondary school that is now battling for survival. I have been Headteacher at Carter for 15 months... Read More
I am a retired FE lecturer who attended the local state primary and local comprehensive before going on to university. Both my children attended the... Read More
I have been involved from day one with the schools' transformation programme and belive passionately in its core values -- despite the efforts of... Read More
I went to school in Bury, North Manchester, but moved south to take up my first job after university. When I decided to start a family myself I took... Read More
Idea after idea about school organisation; grammar schools, faith schools, free schools, academies, have been mooted as ways of avoiding difficulty.... Read More
The New Schools Network website presents a totally misleading picture of the state system. This enables Michael Gove to abandon the schools that... Read More
The report of the Chief Schools Adjudicator today is yet another reminder of the need for a root and branch review of school admissions. In the past... Read More
School scheduled for closure, too few pupils, class sizes of 12 -15. Staff, governors, parents and the local community saved the school from closure... Read More
England's chief schools adjudicator, who oversees admissions to schools, is obviously very suspicious about the government's intention to "slim down... Read More
My fear is that we are going to be getting a lot more academies after this spending review. The net effect of the pupil premium--going to... Read More
I am a 50 year old parent whose son (now 29) went to Holland Park Comprehensive and daughter (now 14) still attends Queens Park Community School in... Read More
I have recently moved to Totnes where my 12 and 13 year old sons go to the 1800 strong King Edward VI Community College (Kevicc) where pretty much... Read More
Brooke Kinsella, the Eastenders' actress, whose relative, Ben Kinsella, was stabbed to death in London recently has produced a report for the... Read More
The Discovery New School in West Sussex plans to open as a Montessori Primary School in the Crawley area in 2011. It aims specifically to have small... Read More
As a KS1 mum I used to watch in astonishment as the leaves fell of the trees every autumn and the same appeared to be happening to most of the KS2... Read More