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I watched the above documentary last week. There seemed to be a huge discrepancy between what Toby and his friends were saying (we are inclusive, we... Read More
North Westminster Community School was a large 3-site secondary with a very diverse intake. Despite have both sides of every dispute in the world... Read More
Five years ago school meals in the London Borough of Merton were shockingly bad. Teachers, dinner ladies and head teachers felt powerless to improve... Read More
It went all the way back to when we were looking at houses to move into when our daughter was 1 year old. The people selling would take one look at... Read More
I support local schools because I think it is really important for children to learn within their community. Education is of course about academic... Read More
I am an ex-school governor,believer in genuine community cohesion, parent, secularist and humanist celebrant. I believe that genuine education would... Read More
The promise of freedom may become a noose around our necks. We should not invite education to be driven by competition and profit. Education is a... Read More
Local comprehensive schools are vilified and denigrated by the media and politicians who more often than not have never been near one as a teacher,... Read More
Eight years ago I began the secondary transfer process for my eldest daughter. It seemed obvious to me that she should proceed from our local primary... Read More
The key to learning is setting high expectations - starting where you want the students to be rather than where they are and rapidly moving to... Read More
We have seen many changes in the organisation of schools and teaching and learning in our time. Some changes have been beneficial, some neutral and... Read More
Smithy Street is an inner city primary school which is deemed by Ofsted to be outstanding... and yes, that is due in part to fantastic pupils,... Read More
My son, aged 4 years and 11 months, started infant school in September. I have been greatly encouraged by the school's standards of teaching and... Read More
Enshrined in the best local schools is the idea that they are approachable. Parents and the local community should feel that they can go and talk to... Read More