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A good school is the centre of a community of interest, for parents whose children attend that school may come many diverse backgrounds and... Read More
Please count me as a foot soldier in your fight for our schools. I do not recognise the view that private education is aspirational, preferring my... Read More
My local school is Stoke Newington Arts & Media College, Stoke Newington, Hackney. It is an excellent local secondary school in one of England's... Read More
I am a retired teacher, advisory teacher and (for my sins) Ofsted inspector, and a school governor in Hampshire for 9 years.  I have been chair of a... Read More
I live in Birmingham where there are many fee paying schools, grammar schools and faith schools.  I have long held the belief that we, as parents,... Read More
John F. Kennedy said that “the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie...but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.” How important... Read More
I'm chair of governors at Little Ilford School in Newham. It's my local school and round the corner from where I live in Manor Park. Both my sons... Read More
We live in Camden and our eldest daughter, Maya, was at Brookfield and started at Acland Burghley in September. Beatrice, 2, is already keen to get... Read More
I think a fair, just and happy society provides good schools for everyone, not just those who shout loudest or have the money to make it happen. My... Read More
I am a retired primary teacher - worked for 35 years in Wandsworth and for many of them with the great ILEA. Now living in East Sussex I have links... Read More
I am really happy to support you. I work in the Grange School, in Aylesbury. It is an Upper secondary school with an enrolment of approx.1250... Read More
Every child should be able to go to their local school and benefit from high standards, diverse activities and inspiring teachers. The best way of... Read More
It is very important for society that children from all walks of life are educated together and I believe the most important thing for comprehensive... Read More
I have always wanted a fair education system that provides local schools for local children. From my personal and work experience, I have found that... Read More
Recently a British friend in LA described trying to get her son of primary age into a local school. She said she was in near despair as she had had... Read More