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Janet Downs

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Article2015 Academy Bill coming Trevor Fisher237 years 1 week ago
ArticleThe UK needs a wholehearted commitment to comprehensive schooling Michael Pyke147 years 1 week ago
ArticleBaseline tests are flawed – their introduction should be scrapped Janet Downs97 years 1 week ago
ArticleMore shaky stats and ignored evidence from Morgan, and a promise to close ‘loopholes’ which allow people to fight academisation. Janet Downs77 years 1 week ago
ArticleChance to question Nicky Morgan in FREE webinar Janet Downs37 years 1 week ago
ArticleExam apartheid Trevor Fisher177 years 1 week ago
ArticleEducation is the ‘big equaliser’? Increasingly not so in Europe and US, says OECD guru. Janet Downs87 years 1 week ago
ArticleWill Nicky Morgan fiddle while Rome burns? Janet Downs137 years 1 week ago
Article‘What’s next for education?’ Book outlines aims for the new Government Janet Downs87 years 1 week ago
ArticleElection: ILLUSION THAT OPPOSING SELECTION IS A VOTE LOSER IS SHATTERED. mistemina187 years 1 week ago
ArticleS/he won’t want it, but here is my advice to the next Education Secretary Janet Downs277 years 1 week ago
ArticleAshington High School - Can this be right? John Mountford137 years 1 week ago
ArticleCUCKOO HALL: Suspended, Reinstated, Resigned: An enquiry into Phil Sowter. David Barry627 years 1 week ago
ArticleAll kids deserve to be taught using proven strategies Shaun Killian37 years 1 week ago
ArticleSulivan School is still Good despite harm done by threat of closure to make way for free school Janet Downs57 years 1 week ago
ArticleTuring House free school controversy Claire77 years 1 week ago
ArticleLet young voices (and old ones) sing Janet Downs247 years 1 week ago
ArticleUK Government Prevent Strategy involving UK Schools. mistemina47 years 1 week ago
Article"The Inspectors Call" - a new play exposing the Gove legacy Di Beddow37 years 1 week ago
ArticleMinister says he ‘encouraged’ secondaries to become academies so they ‘could expand’ and ‘improve performance’. Janet Downs07 years 1 week ago
ArticleFinland’s slipped a bit in league tables, therefore Finland’s system is failing. Really? Janet Downs67 years 1 week ago
ArticleOasis letter of concern sent in March. Why was publication delayed until yesterday? Janet Downs27 years 1 week ago
ArticleEconomists suggest putting Decision Making at Arms Length from Politicians Leah K Stewart17 years 1 week ago
Article#TellPearson Stop Cashing In On Kids Kevin Courtney67 years 1 week ago
ArticleLabour's 14-18 Baccalaureate - the dangers and how they could be avoided Roger Titcombe47 years 1 week ago