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Janet Downs

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ArticleUnion misrepresented Select Committee Report on Academies, says chairman. But evidence suggests otherwise. Janet Downs67 years 1 week ago
ArticleBitesize education news: Troops to Teachers, nuns and non-QTS, girls treated unequally in Muslim private school Janet Downs17 years 1 week ago
ArticleMyth Six: 'Private schools have the magic DNA' Janet Downs37 years 1 week ago
ArticleMyth Five: 'Teachers don’t need qualifications' Janet Downs37 years 1 week ago
ArticleThere is a snobbery in our area where schools in the wrong area are shunned due to out-dated information and myths. Nathalie Hales77 years 1 week ago
ArticleSo do academies perform better or not? Philip Collie67 years 1 week ago
ArticleMyth Three: 'Choice, competition and markets are the route to educational success' Janet Downs17 years 1 week ago
ArticleMyth One ‘Comprehensive education has failed’ Janet Downs47 years 1 week ago
ArticleIs our society too obsessed with qualifications? Henry Stewart697 years 1 week ago
ArticleSchools WILL receive more money, says Morgan, because they'll have more pupils. But per-pupil spending will go down. Janet Downs97 years 1 week ago
ArticleThe Growth Mindset Pocketbook by Barry Hymer and Mike Gershon Roger Titcombe187 years 1 week ago
ArticleWhen the climate changed Trevor Fisher207 years 1 week ago
ArticleSchleicher's List John Mountford147 years 1 week ago
ArticleThe thorny problem of British Values Janet Downs147 years 1 week ago
ArticleLocal Schools Network publishes 'School Myths' by Melissa Benn & Janet Downs; essential reading for 2015! Francis Gilbert77 years 1 week ago
ArticleTougher tests will push England up PISA’s greasy pole, says minister whose own data handling skills are below expected level. Janet Downs07 years 1 week ago
Article‘Whitehall zealots are waging war on Christian schools,’ says Mail as furore round two free schools judged Inadequate reaches fever pitch. Janet Downs197 years 1 week ago
ArticleMathematics Resilience - The Shard Conference Roger Titcombe97 years 1 week ago
ArticleGCSE tables: Sponsored academy results fall more Henry Stewart107 years 1 week ago
ArticlePerformance Tables or Government Tables? by Trevor Fisher Janet Downs277 years 1 week ago
ArticleThe vogue for Poland could quickly fade. Which country will be the next education fashion? Janet Downs137 years 1 week ago
ArticleAcademy conversion is not a magic bullet, says Select Committee report which reveals flaws in flagship policy. Janet Downs67 years 1 week ago
ArticlePlease Sir, can I have my wife back? Paul Busby47 years 1 week ago
ArticleDing Dong – a report’s ‘expected’ findings already being used as political football. Janet Downs167 years 1 week ago
ArticleGCSE REFORM IN CRISIS by Trevor Fisher Janet Downs37 years 1 week ago