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Janet Downs

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ArticleOfsted to inspect but not judge academy chains: A marker or a defusing/side step tactic? Andy V127 years 1 day ago
ArticleMorgan’s week: standardized tests, the value of qualifications and the vagaries of fashion. Janet Downs07 years 1 day ago
ArticleNational Audit office pans DfE accounts – deeply concerned about ‘error and uncertainty’. Janet Downs07 years 1 day ago
ArticlePhonics test isn’t a performance measure, says Minister. But he praises free school for doing well on a measure that isn’t a measure. Janet Downs97 years 1 day ago
ArticleIt’s the exam hokey cokey! Level 1/2 certificates were in, now they are out. GCSEs are Level 1/2, but they are in, not out. Janet Downs197 years 1 day ago
ArticlePupils praised for reading results would have started school under Labour Janet Downs297 years 1 day ago
ArticleOfsted and Ofqual are supposedly independent of Government. So why have their websites been moved to Gov UK? Janet Downs147 years 1 day ago
ArticlePositive discrimination FJM177 years 1 day ago
ArticlePrivate school which joined state sector as free school told to sort out its finances Janet Downs327 years 1 day ago
ArticleThe National Curriculum took 4 years to develop, says minister. Really? Janet Downs07 years 1 day ago
ArticleCut-and-pasted DfE press releases describe identical turf-cutting ceremonies in schools Janet Downs37 years 1 day ago
Article23 academies changed hands in 13 months but the DfE won’t say how much this cost the taxpayer. Janet Downs17 years 1 day ago
ArticleMore than a quarter of employers provide remedial training to “some” school/college leavers, says CBI, but is this correct? And how many is “some”? Janet Downs27 years 1 day ago
ArticleUK Statistics Authority calls on Morgan to retract her false claims Henry Stewart57 years 1 day ago
ArticleShine a light on what selection really means for children Fiona Millar327 years 1 day ago
ArticleWant to get your teeth into more than mince pies this Christmas? DfE number crunchers want comments about measuring attainment gap. But can it be totally wiped out? Janet Downs247 years 1 day ago
ArticleThe Bald truth is: it's selection - stupid! Melissa Benn137 years 1 day ago
ArticleIt aint so...The Whitehall Park School story goes on. David Barry227 years 1 day ago
Article50% of sponsored secondary schools were less than Good at their last inspection. But wasn’t sponsorship supposed to raise standards? Janet Downs17 years 1 day ago
ArticleA workshop to explore the implications of impending changes in examinations (15-19) and the National Curriculum Assessment Framework. Janet Downs27 years 1 day ago
ArticleExam Reform in the Spotlight Janet Downs07 years 1 day ago
ArticleDon’t forget common humanity when urging pupils to do well at school – achievement shouldn’t be at any price. Janet Downs67 years 1 day ago
ArticleEducation Secretary ignores Watchdog’s letter criticising her literacy and numeracy claims Janet Downs57 years 1 day ago
ArticleCyber bullying and secondary schools: request for research assistance Georgina Emmanuel47 years 1 day ago
ArticleUK Stats Watchdog criticises Education Secretary and schools minister for misusing stats at Tory Conference Janet Downs37 years 1 day ago